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    As a dealer, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make sales with the ATLAS Throttle Lock, which is why we want to provide you with all of our marketing tools. Shelby is our Marketing Specialist and she is available to you for support. Contact her at

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    Let us take care of the marketing leading up to your next event! If you’re selling the ATLAS Throttle Lock, then we’re here to support you. We have multiple dealers who sell the ATLAS Throttle Lock at different events around the world. Over and over again we have found success in promoting these events through social media. 

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    We will promote any event you are bringing the ATLAS Throttle Locks to, either with our followers or to our paid audience through the form of localized ads.

    When you are creating a Facebook Event, make sure to include ATLAS Throttle Lock as a Host for the event. We will then assess whether to put a portion of our marketing budget towards promoting your event. We have seen great success with this method. Even non-paid promotions of events have seen over 24k impressions and over 800 responses, giving our brands and your event the social proof you're looking for. Here is the proof of those numbers from our previous events.

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    Order table runners, EZUP backdrops, teardrop flags, countertop displays, trifold brochures, stickers and more for your next event. Simply reach out to to get pricing and place your order. The more you are invested in selling the best throttle lock on the market, the more we are able to put money into marketing your event!

    Multimedia Assets

    We’d like to think the ATLAS Throttle Lock has a pretty sleek design. We have quality multimedia content which accentuates our design. Dealers are provided with photos of the ATLAS installed on a wide range of bikes to show the universal and streamlined fit. 


    Check out our newest promotional videos! We have a generic Multi-brand video for all types of motorcycle lovers and videos targeted to each segment of riders; Dual Sport, Cruisers and Sport Bike. You can download the videos from our Google Drive here:



    Dual Sport

    Sport Bike

    Download our one minute video that highlights product features and shows how to engage and disengage the ATLAS while riding. 

    The video can be found on youtube:

    Download our 31 second commercial and post it across all your online platforms. You can download the video in multiple formats here:

    The video can also be found on youtube:


    Unique photos of the ATLAS out on different motorcycles

    Motorcycle Specific Install Videos

    For help on installing the ATLAS on different motorcycles, head to our YouTube channel for bike specific instructions.

    Product Page Support

    Below are some copied links that will be of use to you when building your product page. A link to our installation video, a link to our google drive with all of our product photos, and a link to our fitment chart. We update our fitment chart roughly every quarter and this link will always forward to the most recent fitment chart.
    56 second video: 

    Here are some product highlights:
    • Cruise Control Alternative
    • Universal Design - not specific to year, make or model
    • Works with most aftermarket grips, heated grips, hand guards, bars and more
    • Bolts on in 10 minutes - no need to remove grips or drill into anything
    • Thumb Activated - easy to engage and disengage
    • Uses friction to hold throttle in place
    • Make incremental speed adjustments while the ATLAS is engaged
    • Rider maintains 100% throttle control
    • Mounts to Throttle Sleeve - doesn't take up any grip space
    • Made of Stainless Steel
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - give it a try!
    • Kills arm pump, prolongs your adventure, keeps you energized

    We made the ATLAS for YOU, not just your motorcycle.

    The ATLAS Throttle Lock is a mechanical cruise control that allows riders to relax their grip, shake out their hand, adjust their gear and log more miles without the threat of the dreaded arm pump. The ATLAS was designed after a 15 month Round-the-World trip on a paint-shaking KTM 640 Adventure where the need for some wrist relief was real.

    The ATLAS mounts to most any motorcycle throttle tube between the grip and the throttle housing. In a matter of minutes you will have added a completely new function to your motorcycle. It’s simple, safe and intuitive.

    When the ATLAS is engaged, a friction pad presses against the throttle housing to hold your throttle in place. The term “throttle lock” can be misleading because the ATLAS doesn’t actually “lock” the throttle of your motorcycle - it simply holds with friction. To adjust your speed, manually rotate the throttle and it will hold any position you leave it in, until you turn it off. The ATLAS allows you to manage your throttle naturally as a rider. No + or - buttons borrowed from cars. The ATLAS Throttle Lock comes in 2 different configurations: a Top Kit and a Bottom Kit.

    Here are four key differences that truly set the ATLAS apart from anything else on the market:
    • Smooth Riding Experience: The ATLAS engages and disengages without any change in speed. Other designs force you to decelerate when disengaging their units. No more lurching on the freeway.
    • Ergonomic and Intuitive: Using non-dominant fingers, twisting or reaching to set a throttle lock is dangerous for obvious reasons. The ATLAS is activated with your thumb and is always within reach.
    • The ATLAS Doesn't Require Grip Space: Other designs demand a portion of your grip. The ATLAS simply mounts to the throttle tube between the grip and the throttle housing, leaving you with a full grip.
    • Bolts on within 10 minutes: During installation, there's no need to remove grips, handguards, heated grips, bar end mirrors... the ATLAS works perfectly with them all.

    Is there enough room for the ATLAS?
    • All you need is a gap of 0.1" (2.5mm) or greater between the grip and the throttle housing. That's roughly 3 bank cards thick.
    • Nearly every motorcycle has a throttle tube and a throttle housing. The ATLAS mounts to the throttle tube, which allows the ATLAS to rotate with your throttle, and most importantly your thumb.
    • Once the ATLAS is engaged, a friction pad on a stopper arm hinges out from the ATLAS and presses against side of the throttle housing. That friction pad is what holds the ATLAS in place.

    You'll want the Bottom Kit...
    • If there’s a heated grip wire that comes out the top half of the rubber grip flange.
    • If you have more than 1.5 inches (38mm) of clearance between the inner plastic throttle tube (under the rubber grip) and the gas tank at a full right turn.
    • If there's a bulge, bracket or object sticking out of the top half of the throttle housing that would interfere with the body of the ATLAS.
    • If there's no other interferences, then it's a personal preference.

    You'll want the Top Kit...
    • If there’s a heated grip wire that comes out the bottom half of the rubber grip flange.
    • If you have less than 1.5 inches (38mm) of clearance between the inner plastic throttle tube (under the rubber grip) and the gas tank at a full right turn.
    • If there's a bulge, bracket or object sticking out of the bottom half of the throttle housing that would interfere with the body of the ATLAS.
    • If there's no other interferences, then it's a personal preference.

    What's included with the Kit?

    Your kit comes with everything you need to mount the ATLAS on many different motorcycles.

    • Installation Instructions
    • Torx L- Key (2mm)
    • 2 Torx Bolts with pre-applied thread locker
    • 3 sizes of friction pads (2 of each)
    • Alcohol Prep Pad
    • Stickers

    Tell me more about the Friction Pads.

    We tested dozens of friction pads and these are the best on the market. They are made of polyurethane and have a special adhesive meant for metal surfaces. We have riders with over 40,000 miles with one pad. The pads are the only wear item on the ATLAS, that is why we supply you with extra pads in your kit. They function like brake pads on a rotor. Your kit will include a total of 6 pads. There are 3 thicknesses in your kit. These pads fit like shims between the ATLAS and the throttle housing.

    ¿Qué pegatina de fricción deberías usar?

    Watch our installation video and follow the instructions to determine which friction pad works best. You will want to start with the thickest friction pad and see if it fits between the throttle housing and the ATLAS Stopper Arm. If it doesn't fit, try the next size down until you find the right size that does not make contact with the throttle housing when disengaged.

    ¿Dónde debo colocar mi pegatina de fricción?

    We recommend adhering the friction pad along the top edge of the Stopper Arm, but, for some motorcycles, this isn't the best solution. If your throttle housing has any bevels on it which will interfere with the friction pad during any part of the rotation, then you will want to adjust the placement of the friction pad to avoid those bevels. Sometimes this means placing the friction pad a few millimeters away from the top edge of the stopper arm, or maybe placing it to the far right or left on the stopper arm.

    Social Media Support

    Looking for more content to keep your followers entertained? We are happy to help! Below are four posts for different segments of motorcycles with images and related copy.


    The ultimate dream for many is to experience the USA on a powerful cruiser. With the open road and good vibes, you wish the ride could go on forever. Adding an ATLAS Throttle Lock to your bike is the best accessory to help realize the desire for an endless open road.

    Sport Bike:

    After you’re done testing the limits of sliders on track days, then it’s time to allow your throttle hand a break from the clip-ons. An ATLAS Throttle Lock means more time on the bike—and you may even need to buy a new set of pucks as well.

    Dual Sport:

    Back on pavement after a day on the trails, you’re feeling exhausted and satisfied. But you’re not done yet, there’s still some highway to cover. Cruise back to camp with an ATLAS Throttle Lock, your tired body will thank you for it.


    Motorcycle touring is much more fun on the backroads. Whether you’re sweeping two-laners, or it’s your turn to ride as sweep for your buddies, the ATLAS Throttle Lock is the must-have accessory for those memorable trips away from the slab.

    Email Marketing Campaigns

    Email campaigns have been a great way for us to capture the attention of customers and we want to give you access to our tools. We have multiple different email campaigns dependent on season, style of motorcycle, upcoming events, and holidays. You have the power to pick and choose what email campaign works best for your dealership. Get ahold of to get started.

    Newsletter Copy with Photos:

    "Designed and produced from the rigours of a 15-month round-the-world motorcycle trip on a paint-shaking KTM 640 Adventure, the ATLAS Throttle Lock is a mechanical cruise control that fits almost any year, make, and model of motorcycle—and provides relief to your throttle hand. The ATLAS is compatible with most aftermarket grips, heated grips, hand guards, and bars.

    There are two ATLAS configurations to choose from: a Top Kit or a Bottom Kit. Installation is quick, around 10 minutes, and adds a completely new function to your motorcycle. It’s simple, safe, and intuitive.

    The ATLAS Throttle Lock mounts to most any motorcycle throttle tube, between the grip and the throttle housing, and doesn’t actually “lock” the throttle of your motorcycle. With a simple push of a button, the bike’s throttle position is held by friction, and speed is fully adjustable by easily rotating the throttle as normal. Disengaging the ATLAS is also quick and easy, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and be in full control of your motorcycle.

    That’s why we love the ATLAS Throttle Lock. It’s a simple, smart solution designed during an extended overland journey to make your own journeys more comfortable. What’s more, it lowers the barrier to trips a bit more. If rider fatigue is something that is holding you back from an extended trip, you'll want to try the ATLAS Throttle Lock."